Pierre-Gilles de Gennes winter school Cargèse 2008

Biophysical topics in cell adhesion, motility, and neuroscience

February 18- 22, 2008

The institute where the school will be held is a short (2 km, 20 minute) walk from the village of Cargèse. Lecturers will be housed in hotels in the village. Most participants will likewise be housed in the village in apartments with shared bathrooms and kitchen. Some participants will be housed at the institute in shared rooms. We will ask you to indicate on your registration form if you would like to share a room. Housing is provided free of charge for all participants.

For those housed in the village, solid shoes and a flashlight are recommended for going back and forth from the village to the institute.

It is impossible to find your room in the village on your own. People not arriving by the scheduled buses are therefore asked to come to the bus arrival point (time and place to be announced) to as to be accompanied to your room.



There are no registration fees. Some help with travel expenses may be available for people coming from far away. We ask for an estimation of your travel expenses on the registration form.

The school will open with a welcome cocktail on Sunday February 17 at 6 pm and end with a barbecue dinner on the beach (weather permitting) on Friday, February 22. Participants (and when possible lecturers) are strongly recommended to arrive in Ajaccio on the afternoon of the 17th and to leave on the morning of the 23rd.

The easiest way to get to Ajaccio is by plane from Paris (Orly airport), Marseille or Nice. International flights generally arrive in Paris at Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport. There are no direct flights from Roissy to Ajaccio, so you will have to connect to Ajaccio via Nice or Marseille. Alternatively, you can transfer to the Orly airport by taking the RER B line to Antony and then take the OrlyVal shuttle bus from Antony to Orly airport (7.20 euros). This takes about 1.5 hours from airport to airport.

The school will provide ground transportation by bus from the airport to Cargèse. There will be probably two buses on Sunday, one in the late afternoon (4-5 pm) and another to pick up the stragglers later in the evening (TBA). The exact schedule will be posted once we have everyone's travel arrangements in an effort to accommodate as many participants as possible. For the return to the airport on Saturday, we will have one bus that leaves between 9-10 am. If you arrive or leave at other times, you will have to arrange and pay for your own ground transportation. Taxis are about 85-100 euros. There is also a twice-a-day bus service every day but Sunday, see Autobus

For lecturers, it would be appreciated if they could take the buses, but taxi and pick-up services will be provided for those who can't. Lecturers, please contact pgg-cargese@curie.fr with your arrival and departure information to arrange a pick-up.


The deadline for application is December 15, 2007. Please see the section "Application". We will inform applicants of our decision within the week after the deadline so as to leave time for participants to make travel arrangements.

There is a music room equipped with a piano at the institute and participants and lecturers are welcome to bring music and instruments. Several PCs and Macs connected to the internet will be available for email and browsing for participants. For a complete list of other equipment, see Cargèse facilities.                                             .

Lunches will be provided by the institute Monday-Friday for everyone. Dinners (excepting the closing dinner on Friday) will be on your own in the village. There are many affordable restaurants. Alternatively, there is a small grocery store (minimarket) in the village with convenient open hours and you can make dinner inthe kitchen of your apartments. For those staying in the village apartments, breakfasts will be in the village on your own or in your apartment. Those housed at the institute will have breakfast at the institute. Lecturers will have breakfast at their hotels.