Pierre-Gilles de Gennes winter school Cargèse 2008

Biophysical topics in cell adhesion, motility, and neuroscience

February 18-22, 2008

The School will consist ofa series of lectures (2 or 3 hours for each lecturer). Lecture time will be approximately equally divided between cell adhesion, cell motility, and behavioral/cognitive neuroscience. The entire afternoon will be dedicated to participant poster presentations and informal discussions with lecturers. For the latter, the lecturers will hold “office hours”, i.e., they will be available in a classroom for an hour or two in the afternoons of the days they give their lectures. Also in the afternoons, there will be some simple hands-on experiments and observations using optical microscopes (an agreement with Nikon). Lecturers and participants are encouraged to bring samples or simple experiments.

In the spirit of Pierre-Gilles de Gennes's lifelong interest in encouraging young scientists, the workshop will only be open to Master and PhD students. The number of participants is limited to 50. Most of the participants will stay in small apartments in the village, and there are also a few rooms at the Institute, which is located on a beach.


Pierre Nassoy (Institut Curie, France)
Claire Wyart (UC Berkeley, USA)
Julie Plastino (Institut Curie, France)

Sponsors :

French Network of Advanced Research (RTRA-FRTV)

European Network of Excellence SoftComp

Nikon France